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Virtual Receptionists

What if your customers got a real person on the phone, any time they called your company? What if they received a prompt, personal reply to every email inquiry? People like talking to people; it's a "feel good" thing that someone is there to listen to their concerns. In this day and age of technology and automation, your clients will love knowing they have a real person on the other end of the line! This level of service can be your reality with a virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist will make a good impression for your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring, training, and employing a live virtual receptionist at your office. It's proven that personal contact and direct interactions with customers is essential to growing any business. That's why more and more companies—of every size and type—are relying on Answer AnyTime's virtual live receptionist services. With live receptionist services, businesses convey a more professional image while offering customers a personal touch.

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First impressions matter.

Customers form opinions about a company and its services based on that all important, initial interaction. With the personable, reliable support of a live, virtual receptionist from Answer AnyTime, you'll make a good impression the first—and the 100th— time your customers, partners, and potential clients call your company.

With the virtual office receptionist from Answer AnyTime, your clients will speak with a real person, not an automated system or a voicemail service let alone a rushed business owner with no time to answer questions. These trained professionals are backed by the latest technology and superior phone systems, provided by Answer Anytime to support your business needs.

Answer AnyTime's virtual receptionist services are ideal for international businesses looking to establish presence in multiple markets and have local phone numbers for all locations.


Benefits of Working with Answer AnyTime's Virtual Receptionist Support

Answer AnyTime takes care of all the details to ensure your customers have the best impression every time.

  • Hold music: When a client must be placed on hold, they listen to professional hold music— not dead air.
  • Multiple-line phone systems: Answer AnyTime's live receptionists are equipped with advanced answering systems so that calls aren't missed. Your virtual receptionist only answers the phone for you and up to four other businesses, so the call volume is always manageable.
  • Live call screening, transfer, and forwarding: Our live receptionists can screen and prioritize calls for you, making sure you connect with the most urgent customer's needs first.
  • Calendar/appointment scheduling: Answer AnyTime's virtual receptionists help you get and stay organized as a point of contact for booking meetings and appointments.
  • Live outbound and sales calling: Your virtual assistant is capable of helping you grow your business, find new clients, and remind clients of appointments.
  • Toll-free or local phone/fax numbers: Answer AnyTime is able to help you increase customer calls by providing a toll-free 800 number, or even a local phone or fax number in areas where you need to establish local credibility.
  • Voicemail and voicemail-to-email: Answer AnyTime makes getting voicemail simple and convenient. Select whether you'd like to receive messages via email or via phone.
  • Fax to email: Get your faxes in your inbox and never worry about having a fax machine again.
  • Live answering minutes plans: With Answer AnyTime's pay-as-you-go phone plan, you only pay for the minutes or calls you use.

Give your customers the great reception they deserve. Contact us today to begin your virtual receptionist service.