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Medical and Doctors Answering Services

Medical and Dotors Answering ServiceAs a physician, you know the importance of bedside manner and putting your patients at ease. Our professional operators also recognize that the patient must be treated with the same respect so they feel reassured that their call is important and will be handled with care. We are sensitive to your patients' needs and you have our promise of going the extra mile in making sure your patients are comfortable that their message will get to you quickly.

Answer AnyTime provides many useful services to all of our clients, but is most well-known for its excellence in our doctor's answering service.

Professional Telephone Answering Services for Doctors and Medical Professionals

For constant attention and immediate action to your staff's and your patients' important telephone calls, Answer AnyTime can always be trusted. Answer AnyTime is designed to cater and serve the medical community by concentrating on the public's medical needs—most importantly the processing of medical emergency phone calls, even after doctors' offices have closed, or your own doctor's office staff are unable to answer the phones during lunch or periods of high volume. We are fully HIPAA-compliant and can be trusted with all important medical-related calls in information security, expediency, accuracy of message dispatch, and message management.

Live Operator Doctors Answering Service Replaces Voicemail

Medical and Doctors Answering ServiceOur doctor's answering service transfers important messages regarding medical, pharmaceutical, and rehabilitation information to patients, clients, medical vendors, and prospective clients. Our live operator service replaces any voicemail alternative your medical office may be using. Instead of listening to voicemail recordings where patients may or may not leave a message, a live operator is always on hand to answer your calls. We strive to please each client by providing a high level of customer service equal to the level of customer service and customer response your medical staff would provide in your own office. We do this by customizing each account, following your protocols exactly, and staffing our medical call centers with a staff that understands the urgent telephone calls you may receive.

When dealing with medical information, quality, compliance, and redundant backup, protocols are an important part of message management within our doctor's answering service. Our voicemail-alternative, live operator service is able to do so much more than just answer your office's calls, take messages, and route them to the appropriate physician on call. We are a true medical answering service specializing in inbound call center services, appointment scheduling, appointment reminder telephone calls, prescription reminder outbound telephone calls, and more. All of the services provided by Answer AnyTime, in both inbound and outbound capacity, exist to professionally represent the doctor's office we answer for.

Doctors Answering Services Require Medical Experience

Dealing with medication and health issues requires professional experience and determined employees willing to do what it takes to handle and, many times, delegate telephone calls. Our experience comes from years in the answering service industry and years answering phone calls for doctors' offices like your own. We understand urgent telephone calls. We understand the need for accurate message taking. We understand that voicemail does not work for doctors' offices. And we understand we need to be just as professional and accurate at 3PM as 3AM. These are all reasons why Answer AnyTime is the best choice. Our operators understand the importance of each and every client's request. We follow your protocols exactly and work with you to fine-tune your account to ensure the proper and accurate relaying of information between both the doctor and patient. Trust and reliability come first with Answer AnyTime, leaving its customers with top-notch, undivided attention and service.

We serve the medical community and have the experience to understand doctors' offices and the complexity of their accounts. Though our focus is answering calls for doctors after hours or anytime the office needs our services, our operators have experience answering calls for all types of doctors' offices including general practice doctors, family doctors, various specialists, and alternative medicine practitioners. We hold our operators to the same standard of professionalism that you hold the receptionists in your own office, ensuring they act as an extension of that office.

Our experience with medical professionals means we understand how your office operates and what is important to you. Regardless of what type of office you are or what your medical practice specializes in, most doctors' offices need the same basic service framework, which includes rapid dispatch, accurate message taking, and professional operators who understand the delicate nature of medical calls. Backed by superior telephone answering service software, which is a large part of our service, we are able to follow the individual requirements and special needs that m ake your own office unique.